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Tuesday 26 December 2017

Osmington Light Railway

In November 1899 Reginald Joseph Weld of Lulworth castle proposed the creation of a railway from Lulworth to Osmington under the 1896 Light Railways Act.

The intention was for the railway to travel between Arne, East Holme, East Stoke, Tyneham, East Lulworth, West Lulworth, Chaldon Herring, Owermoigne and Osmington.
The railway was a gauge of 4ft 8.5 inches for trains powered by steam, electric or other mechanical power.

The quantity of land required for the project was 120 acres and would cost £124,194.
The Osmington section of land to be purchased belonged to:

Colonel Jocelyn Pickard-Cambridge
Robert Jayne
Colonel Jefferson Serrell Wood
Weymouth Rural District Council
Joseph Brutton
Charles Lillington Hall
The County Council of Dorset
Henry Hurdle

The proposed railway route meandered up from Osmington Mills to the east of the road, crossing over just before Grove House and terminating next to Craig's dairy.


  1. Lucy, thanks. Superbly informative. PSR, Qld

  2. No it wasn't. I think it involved buying too much land from too many individuals. Also Mr Weld at the time had money and health issues.