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Saturday, 28 March 2020

A diary of the lockdown

I won't need to remind you all that we are in a period of social change that hasn't been seen in the UK since the Second World War. History will look back on the lock down with great interest and your grandchildren/great grandchildren will want to know what it was like. How did we cope? What changes did we encounter? As a community, so many of you are stuck at home; please take this opportunity to record your experiences of isolation. We would like to hear about how life has changed. How has your daily life and habits been altered? Do you think life after the lock down will be different long-term, or will people go back to their usual life? What are you doing to cope with the isolation? Do you have a job that involves you being out in the thick of the crisis? Are you having to ration your food, or queue for provisions? Have the community helped you? We would love to hear from you and create a community diary of the next few months that we can record for future generations.

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